Lumixuxシリーズ DK-R110BK

  • Selectable three colors and brightness level
  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • Hold arm for various partition and monitor
  • Light Output


  • LED type:48 × Chip type white LED (Ra95), 48 × Chip type warm white LED (Ra95)
  • Light Output:【Cool White】300lm (Maximum),【Neutral White】250lm (Maximum),【Warm White】230lm (Maximum)
  • Illuminance(30cm, 11.8in):950lx
  • Size:W452.0×H84.2×D118.0mm (W17.80×H3.31×D4.65in)
  • Weight:613g (21.6 oz)
  • Accessory:USB Type-C cable(1.5m / 59.1in)


  • High CRI : High CRI (color rendering index) creates natural white LED light closedto sunlight. Visible to tone the natural color of the skin or various objects faithfully.
  • Selectable three colors (Daylight color & Cool White & Warm White)
  • Mode memory
  • Hold arm
  • Sensor switch