About LED Manufacturer GENTOS

GENTOS is a Japanese flashlight manufacturer established in 1978. In 2001, we were quick to introduce flashlights, headlights, lanterns, and other products equipped with then newly developed white LEDs to the Japanese market. As a Japanese manufacturer, we prioritize quality without compromise and test our products thoroughly to ensure that our customers can use them with confidence. The following are steps we take to ensure that our products meet the strict demands of professionals.

1.) Accurate Specification Listings

GENTOS products conform to the ANSI FL1 Standard. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is an organization which oversees the development of industrial standards in the US. The ANSI FL1 Standard is used by most light manufacturers today and specifies the following performance labeling guidelines.
Light Output: Measurement of light output (total luminous flux) by the light source
Beam Distance
Candelas: Measurement of brightness (luminous intensity) at the middle of the flashlight beam
Impact Resistance (height in meters): Products are dropped in six different orientations (up/down, left/right, front/back) once per orientation to test resistance to impact. The displayed height indicates that the light still functioned when dropped from that height, regardless of superficial damage such as scratches.
Water Resistant Indication: Indicates resistance to water splashing and jet spray
Water-Proof Indication: Indicates resistance to submersion (depth in meters)
While some products on the market list the light’s brightness as equal to that of the LED chip, this is not always accurate as a light’s brightness may be affected by lenses and other factors. GENTOS uses specialized testing devices to measure the brightness of every product without exception.
Measuring Brightness

2.) Manufacture Products with Safety in Mind

The lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries that our rechargeable models rely on are equipped with protective circuits. Lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries are extremely delicate by nature and using them without implementing protective measures can result in combustion or explosions. We require the implementation of protective circuits to prevent overcharging and over discharging, which are potentially hazardous. Furthermore, GENTOS has established its own passing criteria for acceptable temperatures of parts to be gripped by the hand, water resistance testing, and waterproof testing. These criteria are more stringent than those specified by JIS and IEC standards. Temperatures must not surpass 50 degrees Celsius*1 and waterproof specification requires that ingress of water not occur*2. *1JIS and IEC standards specify a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for any (metal) parts to be gripped by the hand. *2According to JIS and IEC standards, a product passes if the inner components continue to function and safety is not compromised even when ingress of water occurs.
Water-Resistance Testing
Waterproof Testing
Dust-Proof Testing
Cable Durability Testing
Switch Durability Testing
Print Durability Testing

3.) Manufacture High-Quality and Unique Products

As a manufacturer specialized in LED lights, GENTOS develops high-quality and unique products, such as lights with beautiful circular beams, flashlights with patented built-in focus controls, and eye-friendly desk lamps.
Circular Beam (Wide Beam)
Built-in Focus Control
Eye-Friendly Desk Lamps (comparison with high color rendering LED)