Explorerシリーズ EX-700F

  • Filament type LED
  • Dial switch to brightness adjustment
  • Brigtness Mode Memory
  • Light Output
  • Run Time


  • LED type:8 × Filament type warm white LED
  • Light Output:400lm (Maximum) / 30lm(Minimum)
  • Battery type:3 × D Alkaline Batteries
  • Run Time:8h (Maximum) / 354h (Minimum) / 200h(CANDLE LIGHT)
  • Water Proof (IPX4)
  • Size:φ101.5×203.0mm (φ4.00×7.99in)
  • Weight:779g (27.5 oz)
  • Accessory:Hanging Hook


  • Filament type LED
  • Brightness Function:Simply turn the dial switch to brightness adjustment.
  • Candle Mode:Light output level changes at random to reproduce the flickering flashing like a candle flame.
  • Built-in Hook:Take off Top-end cap. Hang lantern upside down for forward area light.
  • Instant-Off Switch:Switches Off by single operation if stays at any output mode.
  • Brigtness Mode Memory