• USB Rechargeable
  • Motion Sensor
  • Comes with accessory for 4 Way usable
  • Light Output
  • Run Time
  • Lighting Technique
    Wide beam
  • Beam Distance


  • LED type:14 × Chip type White LED, 9 × Chip type Red LED,
  • Light Output:【Main LED】400lm (Maximum) / 8lm (Minimum), 【Area Light】260lm (White LED Maximum) / 11lm (White LED Minimum) / 18lm(Red LED)
  • Battery type:3.7V 1,2000mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery (Included)
  • Charging Time:3h
  • Battery Cycle: 300 Cycles
  • Run Time:【Main LED】5.5h (Maximum) / 58h (Minimum) , 【Area Light】4.5h (White LED Maximum) / 37h (White LED Minimum) / 9h (Red LED)
  • Lighting Technique:Wide beam
  • Beam Distance:122m
  • Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP54)
  • Impact Resistance:1m Drop
  • Size:W52.0×H36.0×D60.0mm (W2.05×H1.42×D2.36in)
  • Weight:60g (2.1 oz)
  • Accessory:Head Strap, Movable clip, Case, Carabiner Hook, USB Type-C cable (40cm / 15.75in)


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Brightness Function:Long press the switch to brightness adjustment.
  • Motion Sensor:With the sensor switch mode on, just wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the light on and off. No need to touch the switch, convenient when your hands are dirty or when wearing gloves which makes it difficult to push the switch.
  • Instant-Off Switch:Switches Off by single operation if stays at any output mode.
  • Red LED (Sub)
  • Battery Indicator
  • Charging Indicator
  • Usable as Clip Light & Headlamp & Cap Light & Lantern
  • Side Switch