• Motion Sensor Type
  • Dust Proof , Water Proof (IP64) & 2m Impact Resistance
  • Light Output
  • Run Time
  • Lighting Technique
    Wide Beam
  • Beam Distance


  • LED type:1 × High power COB LED
  • Light Output:360lm (High Mode) / 90lm (Mid Mode) / 20lm (Eco Mode) /
  • Battery type:3 × AAA Alkaline Batteries
  • Run Time:3h (High Mode) / 10h (Mid Mode) / 46h (Eco Mode)
  • Lighting Technique:Wide beam
  • Beam Distance:27m
  • Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP64)
  • Impact Resistance:2m Drop
  • Size:W62.0×H46.3×D37.5mm (W2.44×H1.82×D1.48in)
  • Weight:108g (3.8 oz)
  • Accessory:Head Srap, 3 × AAA Alkaline Batteries


  • COB LED : COB LED means chip on board LED, it is a solution that multiple LED chips can be placed into a small amount of space. COB package has excellent uniformity of light from light emitting surface. COB technology avoid multiple shadow effect, which might occur with multiple LED package.
  • Motion Sensor:With the sensor switch mode on, just wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the light on and off. No need to touch the switch, convenient when your hands are dirty or when wearing gloves which makes it difficult to push the switch.
  • Instant-Off Switch:Switches Off by single operation if stays at any output mode.
  • 60°Movable Head
  • Head Push Switch