Explorerシリーズ SOL-113P

  • LED Pannel
  • Top Light
  • Battery Indicator
  • Light Output
  • Run Time


  • LED type:12 × Chip type warm white LED, 1 × φ5mm warm white LED
  • Light Output:350lm (High Mode)
  • Battery type:3 × D Alkaline Batteries
  • Run Time:14h (High Mode) / 110h (Eco Mode) / 140h (Candle Mode) / 210h (Top) / 13h (ALL)
  • Water Proof (IPX4)
  • Size:φ98×188mm (φ3.86×7.40in)
  • Weight:905g (32.0 oz)
  • Accessory:Hanging Hook


  • Candle Mode:Light output level changes at random to reproduce the flickering flashing like a candle flame.
  • Slow Lighting Switch:Makes the brightness level slowly increased & decreased at few seconds intervals, and also switches ON & OFF in slow motion.
  • Built-in Hook:Take off Top-end cap. Hang lantern upside down for forward area light.
  • Top Light
  • Battery Indicator:Red LED indicator shows when the battery needs to be replaced. Or Green LED indicator shows when enough battery.