• Light Sensor Type
  • Dust Proof , Water Proof (IP66) & 2m Impact Resistance
  • Red Rear Light
  • Light Output
  • Run Time
  • Lighting Technique
    Focus Control
  • Beam Distance


  • LED type:1 × Chip type white LED
  • Light Output:210lm (High Mode)
  • Battery type:3 × AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Run Time:【Front】6h(High Mode)/ 12h(Mid Mode)/ 45h(Eco Mode), 【Rear】100h(ON)/ 150h(Flashing)
  • Lighting Technique:Focus Control
  • Beam Distance:42m
  • Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP66)
  • Impact Resistance:2m Drop
  • Size:【Front】W79.6×H40.8×D42.2mm (W3.13×H1.61×D1.66in), 【Rear】W84.8×H53.8×D30.4mm (W3.34×H2.12×D1.20in)
  • Weight:190g (6.7 oz)
  • Accessory:Head Strap, 3 × AA Alkaline Batteries


  • Light Sensor:The inbuilt automatic light adjuster (auto dimmer) detects the brightness of the surroundings and immediately adjusts the light level with smooth gradation. It instantly sets the optimal light level to suit the line of sight. This is an incredibly useful feature for people working indoors and outdoors who look frequently at close and far away objects.
  • Focus Control System:Slide the lever to operate the internal lens and adjust the beam angle.
  • Instant-Off Switch:Switches Off by single operation if stays at any output mode.
  • Red Rear Light : Red Rear Light on battery pack for safety indication. It allows user to be seen in the dark even from behind.
  • Mega-tough cord:Durable and unbreakable to withstand being bent 75000 times in testing.
  • Battery Indicator
  • 80°Movable Head
  • 【Front】Head Push Switch, 【Rear】Side Push Switch