GTシリーズ GT-101D

  • Simple Operation
  • Dust Proof , Water Proof (IP66) & 2m Impact Resistance
  • Red Rear Light
  • Light Output
  • Run Time
  • Lighting Technique
    Focus Control
  • Beam Distance


  • LED type:1 × Chip type white LED
  • Light Output:210lm (High Mode)
  • Battery type:3 × AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Run Time:【Front】6h(High Mode)/ 12h(Mid Mode)/ 45h(Eco Mode), 【Rear】100h(ON)/ 150h(Flashing)
  • Lighting Technique:Focus Control
  • Beam Distance:42m
  • Dust Proof & Water Proof (IP66)
  • Impact Resistance:2m Drop
  • Size:【Front】W69.1×H40.7×D38.6mm (W2.72×H1.60×D1.52in)、【Rear】W84.8×H53.8×D30.4mm (W3.34×H2.12×D1.20in)
  • Weight:180g (6.3 oz)
  • Accessory:Head Strap, 3 × AA Alkaline Batteries


  • Focus Control System:Slide the lever to operate the internal lens and adjust the beam angle.
  • Instant-Off Switch:Switches Off by single operation if stays at any output mode.
  • Red Rear Light : Red Rear Light on battery pack for safety indication. It allows user to be seen in the dark even from behind.
  • Mega-tough cord:Durable and unbreakable to withstand being bent 75000 times in testing.
  • Battery Indicator
  • 80°Movable Head
  • 【Front】Head Push Switch, 【Rear】Side Push Switch